New Redskins offensive coordinator talks about what his team's philosophy will be next season.

Former Post columnists understands the reasons behind Maryland's conference change, but says 'emotionally, it’s just so awful'

One-time Redskins GM heartily endorses the newest Redskins coach.

"The Sports Reporters" co-host gets three more years with ESPN 980.

Count Chris Cooley among the optimists when it comes to evaluating the team's personnel decisions in the hands of Scott Campbell and Morocco Brown.

Former Redskins tight end lists some of the characteristics he'd prefer to see in Mike Shanahan's replacement.

Former Redskin and current radio analyst says the former special teams coach is eager to take on the gig.

I don't understand anything anyone is saying anymore.

Redskins coach tells ESPN 980 that the next three weeks couldn't possibly hurt Kirk Cousins's trade value.

Chris Cooley compared the performance of Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins last week. The former didn't fare too well.

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