Former Redskins tight end talks about the swirling madness inside Redskins Park.

Mike Shanahan says he thought RGIII was hurt at halftime of the Seattle game, but was told otherwise.

Chris Cooley provides a frank breakdown of Robert Griffin III's performance as a runner this season.

Lots of people thought Sunday night was a disaster for the Redskins. NBC's Sunday Night Football analyst still thinks all is well.

Longtime Redskins analyst thinks Mike Shanahan would be back even with a 3-13 record.

Redskins tight end offers his take on the NFL Network report about Robert Griffin III.

Wilbon thinks D.C. thrives on Redskins drama. We debate it.

Former Redskins star says the team's coach needs to do a better and more honest job of speaking to the cameras.

Even the team's longtime play-by-play man and minister of propaganda has been stunned by the way this season has gone.

Danny Rouhier's latest skewers both Larry Michael AND Kevin Sheehan. Sports-radio wars, man.

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