Washington-based investigative reporter Tisha Thompson will report for 'SportsCenter' and 'Outside the Lines.'

Not positive if this was a joke or not, but some people apparently had a debate about jersey numbers.

Senate Majority Leader comes to the defense of the Nats' left fielder.

The loud ESPN person tells a 20-year old story about the Virginia coach, the crooner and a stripper.

How and why ESPN's history of the Big East takes a detour through the cultural significance of the Hoyas.

Free agent safety talks to ESPN about his past conversations with the Redskins owner.

A D.C. native and lifelong Georgetown fan talks about his ESPN "30 for 30" film on the rise and fall of the Big East.

WJLA reporter and anchor will join the local broadcasting exodus to Bristol, except she isn't going anywhere.

ESPN used an old photo of John Wall on Tuesday night. The network won't use it again.

ESPN commentator and former Post columnist talks about the NFL, the N-word and Washington's football franchise.

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