Fan video from the end zone on Sunday shows the Redskins overtime celebration as it unfolded.

The Redskins began the process of re-sodding their home field on Sunday, and every media member captured a photo of the process.

At least three Bears fans attempted to pay homage to the long-ago Chicago coach Sunday afternoon.

FedEx Field is often unpleasant, but here's a free craft beer tailgate that sounds sort of pleasant and/or amazing.

With GM Bruce Allen in attendance, Republican strategist's firm asks a focus group about the Redskins fan experience.

Daniel Snyder no longer owns the hamburger, shakes and fries chain, but Johnny Rockets will still be available at Redskins home games.

Sure, it's only June, but FedEx Field currently houses a lush green carpet reminiscent of pillows and marshmallow fluff. Dyed green.

Here is the Redskins' argument for why you should buy season tickets in 2013.

Hundreds of Redskins fans with upper-level seats at FedEx Field are seeing large increases on their ticket invoices.

While most Redskins season ticket holders will get a 10 percent price bump, some will see a much steeper increase.

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