Photos and time-lapse video of the new Duke Dog infused James Madison basketball court.

Patriots join several other local schools in adopting a new look for their basketball floor this summer.

You saw his naked purple torso gyrating on national television. Now hear his story.

If you've ever wanted to hear shouted coach instructions retrofitted into hip-hop beats, the Dukes have you covered.

With his job on the line, the Dukes head coach turned to the last man who coached him in college.

With the Dukes in the NCAA tournament for the first time in nearly 20 years, their coach has no time to rest.

James Madison's big talker explains why he won't get on Instagram, and why he won't play his girlfriend in checkers.

In the spirit of giving people what they want -- apparently, more JMU coverage -- here's a great postgame interview with forward Rayshawn Goins.

Some memorable images from James Madison clinching its first trip to the NCAA tournament in nearly 20 years.