The Redskins may be in terrible shape, but Jerry Jones is talking about wagon trails and floating across the Mississippi.

Another addition to the "Dan and Jerry hang out with random celebrities" series.

  • Sarah Kogod
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  • Oct 14, 2013
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Former Redskins center says he still hates the Cowboys, and used to think about plowing into the Dallas owner on the sidelines.

Legendary talker Dexter Manley ran into the NFL commissioner and some owners working out in the Ritz-Carlton gym.

Cowboys owner says 'I know that it was intended initially and is today to be complimentary.'

Dallas owner does not think his team's Week 17 matchup with Washington will wind up in primetime, but it seems like a strong contender.

Cowboys owner says he couldn't believe he was cheering for Washington on Monday night.

Cowboys owner raves and raves and raves about the Redskins' quarterback who took down his team on Thanksgiving.

Cowboys owner and Redskins owner may be pals, but that hasn't lessened the importance of their games, or something.

After Joe Gibbs addresses the Cowboys during chapel, angry Redskins fans melt down at the Hall of Fame coach.

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