Before I die, I will transcribe the thoughts of every sentient human on the Redskins team name. Then I will die.

A few of the highlights from Thursday night's roast of the beloved Super Bowl winning coach.

Redskins coach takes pains to tell an audience at his roast that Tony Kornheiser knows nothing about football.

Shortly before their last Super Bowl season, the Redskins paid tribute to Art Donovan, who talked about elephant dung.

Or a 'Riggebego,' if you will.

  • Sarah Kogod
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  • Jun 28, 2013
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Former Redskins quarterback says Gibbs taught him about being a man, and Zorn was hard to take seriously.

What happens when two legendary Redskins, plus one famous assistant coach, head out on a boat with television cameras?

Two Super Bowl winning coaches share a few laughs over Washington's phenom QB.

Jack Pardee's three years as Redskins head coach are largely forgotten among praise for George Allen and Joe Gibbs. Let's remember.

Who better for the Redskins owner to sit next to during the biggest game of his tenure.

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