Martin Erat's empty-net goal led to smiles and laughter and hijinks.

Caps radio voice bids adieu to Montreal, reciting his traditional victory call in French.

Listen to John Walton's euphoric goal call as Alex Ovechkin tied the Lightning in the final minute.

The Caps radio voice gets a little bit fired up in Philly.

  • Lindsay Applebaum
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  • Nov 2, 2013
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Caps radio voice gets as excited as a radio voice can get over a preseason overtime shootout goal.

Turns out Nats outfielder Roger Bernadina has a different take on his signature arm gesture than do Nats fans and teammates.

A game 5 overtime winner prompts announcer fist-pumps, and bench celebrations, and a happy John Walton.

Yet again, a game-winning goal against the Bruins made Caps radio voice John Walton very, very excited.

The Caps' play-by-play man even uses his signature hockey catchphrase after the Wizards' victory.