Former Redskins offensive coordinator talks about Washington's backup on a Cleveland radio station.

Former Redskins offensive coordinator says he and Robert Griffin III 'managed to keep our relationship through the year.'

Rex Grossman chimes in on Robert Griffin III, Kyle Shanahan and the Redskins

As the Redskins continue to turn, NFL Network analyst says the offensive coordinator would be gone were he not a Shanahan.

As the Broncos pulled away, the Redskins stopped running the ball. That left an opening for Monday Morning Playcallers.

Yes, the Shanahans love RGIII. But both father and son have high praise for Manning.

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  • Oct 25, 2013
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Even though he wasn't playing, Robert Griffin III still found himself the focus of television and still cameras on Thursday night.

Here is John Feinstein saying mean things about Mike and Kyle Shanahan.

In a much-derided on-field speech, the Redskins offensive coordinator told his squad last year that they'd be division champs in 2012.

As the Redskins offense continues to splatter opponents, expect the offensive coordinator to be linked with head coaching openings.

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