Before we move on from 2013, let's review some of the worst predictions made by local reporters.

If you've wanted to see Portis do a PG-rated version of Pulp Fiction's 'Royale With Cheese' scene ... yeah.

If you want ex-quarterbacks lavishing more criticism onto Robert Griffin III, you've come to the right place.

A decade ago, the Redskins found their new head coach by looking toward the past.

"The Sports Reporters" co-host gets three more years with ESPN 980.

How Grant Paulsen went from child star to most beloved member of the Redskins press corps to midday host.

Longtime radio voice has incredibly harsh words for the franchise and its owner.

Michael Wilbon wraps up the latest bit of Redskins drama by comparing the franchise to a Joan Crawford flick.

Look at the Redskins media members, penned up, staring out windows for a glimpse of a fired coach.

Well-liked Redskins beat reporter to co-host mid-day show with Danny Rouhier.

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