ESPN commentator and former Post columnist talks about the NFL, the N-word and Washington's football franchise.

PTI talkers and former Post columnists are still flabbergasted that Ovechkin didn't appear in the shootout against the U.S.

Former Post columnists understands the reasons behind Maryland's conference change, but says 'emotionally, it’s just so awful'

Michael Wilbon wraps up the latest bit of Redskins drama by comparing the franchise to a Joan Crawford flick.

PTI hosts agree that hiring Art Briles would be a terrible thing for the Redskins.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon review the latest from Ashburn. The review is not kind.

Four years ago, Michael Wilbon wrote a column about Mike Shanahan's hiring. It was basically perfect.

Wilbon thinks D.C. thrives on Redskins drama. We debate it.

Some fans found solace in Washington's frantic fourth-quarter rally on Sunday. Michael Wilbon finds that ludicrous.

My pal Michael Wilbon, a well-known Bears fan, tweeted his way through Sunday's Redskins win. His intuitions were scarily accurate.

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