Longtime radio voice has incredibly harsh words for the franchise and its owner.

Chris Cooley says Robert Griffin III spent his sophomore season convinced Mike Shanahan didn't like him.

Asked to dole out blame between Washington's three main actors, ESPN.com users hand the most to the owner.

In a 60-second span, Ron Jaworski says that Dan Snyder has been a terrific owner, and that Snyder needs to stick with being an owner.

Former Redskins tight end lists some of the characteristics he'd prefer to see in Mike Shanahan's replacement.

Some of the players found out about their coach's firing on Twitter. Most were sad at the news.

  • Sarah Kogod
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  • Dec 30, 2013
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Bearing in mind that many of his players will be gone next year, Mike Shanahan still appears to be popular in the locker room.

Michael Wilbon wraps up the latest bit of Redskins drama by comparing the franchise to a Joan Crawford flick.

Four years ago, the Redskins' promotional campaign said everything was in place. That doesn't hold up well.

Look at the Redskins media members, penned up, staring out windows for a glimpse of a fired coach.

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