Let's take a short break from the misery and remember the good times, shall we?

  • Sarah Kogod
  • ·
  • Dec 30, 2013
  • ·

Before Mike Shanahan bids us all farewell, let's remember the 10 worst moments during his time in Washington.

Best and worst moments from the Redskins' nightmarish 20-6 loss to the Giants Sunday afternoon in the Meadowlands.

Somehow, some media analysts still think the Redskins head coach will be back for a fifth season.

Best and worst moments from Washington's 24-23 loss to the Cowboys at FedEx Field Sunday afternoon.

ESPN reporter ventures to say things about Robert Griffin Jr, and also drops in a no comment.

Vinny Cerrato says Dan Snyder will look hard at the financial, but will probably move on from Shanahan.

Redskins Hall of Famer believes team should get rid of the Shanahans and start over with a young and hungry coach.

Bill Cowher becomes the latest prominent ex coach to point the finger at Dan Snyder for the Redskins' woes.

Mike Shanahan got a question he didn't like about anonymous leaks, so he cut his post-game press conference short.

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