This one time in the Arena League, Jay Gruden lectured a player about hard-core drugs, confused by protein powder.

Heartwarming moments shared with the good guys aren't good enough. You also need some taunting of the visitors.

Former NFL GM says Allen is soliciting information, not just screening candidates.

"The Sports Reporters" co-host gets three more years with ESPN 980.

While the Wizards and Capitals' owner thinks the Post might have a jinx, his blog has taken out plenty of his own players.

Asked to dole out blame between Washington's three main actors, users hand the most to the owner.

Redskins defensive lineman sends poorly received tweet congratulating the Eagles.

Somehow, some media analysts still think the Redskins head coach will be back for a fifth season.

Kanye West says the world should not have let Michael Jordan play for the Wizards. All Wizards fans agree.

The name debate is back, courtesy of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and The Hill.

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