That die-hard fan is an 8-year-old girl with dreams of playing in the majors.

Bryce Harper is making it difficult for D.C. sports fans to look away.

Phillies closer Joaquin Benoit would rather not.

Tessa Sayers is an expert sign-maker.

Paul Tagliabue, Juan Dixon, Tony Kornheiser and five other local figures will also be honored July 9.

The curly W on the Nationals' batting helmets also got a makeover for 2017.

A camera well foiled the bushy-tailed intruder's attempt to streak the field.

The pitcher's different-colored eyes will always be watching you

After Washington's 4-2 win, some fans made a political statement.

John Hacker helped welcome his 2-year-old grandson to a family tradition that dates from 1964.

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