Nats manager also explains why his entire coaching staff will return.

Choking doggism apparently runs deep in this town.

Washington needed a villain to boo. Washington decided to boo its transit system.

These are the days that make Washingtonians mix their joyous hope with straight gin.

You can't be a villain when you give a youngster a playoff baseball.

Before he was famous for sparking Washington's most important win in two years, Jose Lobaton was famous for arts and crafts.

No one was poisoning pigeons in the park. But there were ample opportunities.

Mark Lerner wants three hours of mayhem at Nationals Park. Well, controlled mayhem. Or standing, anyhow.

Two years ago, there were reports of fans being asked to sit down. Now the team ownership is asking fans to please stand.

Life, and playoff homers, work in mysterious ways.

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