The Nats pitcher made it hard for some Mets fans to hate their rivals.

No one can censor the magical facial hair off this bobblehead.

As the Colin Cowherd-John Wall flames disappear, Kanell-on-Harper has some potential.

Just as Washingtonians are debating whether regular season excellence means a dang thing, here comes history.

The Nationals honored the late singer with a Prince playlist during batting practice and a moment of silence.

"My hair and beard always have to be perfectly groomed."

Bonds admitted: "I watch him, I admire and I look at him and I’m in awe."

Also, does Coke make you think about family, or fun, or family and fun?

Trump may have lost the Mike Rizzo vote back in 2012, although he has common ground with John Feinstein. What?

Fans with the voucher for the bobblehead will also receive a Bryce Harper MVP pin.

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