Former Redskins tight end is the subject of NFL Network's Tuesday night 'A Football Life,' which includes a whole bunch of Redskins legends.

NFL Network's list of the best 100 players in the NFL has Robert Griffin III the top-ranked rookie, and some old heads object.

Tired of RGKnee talk and nickname talk and Mike Shanahan talk? Well, how about some Tim Tebow talk? That better?

Still a free agent, the longtime Redskin plans to have The Big One this season, like Fred Sanford, except not a heart attack.

The past two weeks have taken the Redskins from "in the playoff picture" to everyone's choice to win the NFC East.

Redskins linebacker tells NFL Network what happened when his family members went to see him play in his hometown.

Producer of new look at John Riggins's life and career calls him the best subject he's encountered in 35 years at NFL Films.

The NFL Network will soon air a documentary about John Riggins's life. You're gonna want to watch it.

The NFL Network showed something that looked an awful lot like RGIII's locker. But it wasn't.

In between talking about his long touchdown run, Andrew Luck and the Redskins' record, Robert Griffin III did some beat-boxing for the NFL Network.

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