Maryland's most famous active basketball star pays homage to his seafood roots. All that's missing is Old Bay.

Georgetown will wear these military-inspired unis when it opens its season Friday against Oregon at a U.S. Army base in South Korea.

Here are two photos of Bryce Harper and his newly repaired knee riding an exercise bike. Try to spot the differences.

I don't know what elephant print is, exactly, but that's what Gio Gonzalez was sporting Saturday night in Atlanta.

Nike created dozens of NCAA tournament slogans; the Hoyas got the worst of the worst.

Perhaps "Fruit Finisher" will catch on.

  • Sarah Kogod
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  • Dec 20, 2012
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D.C.'s finest NBA star has a new shoe coming out, and it apparently has a unique inspiration

Thursday's opening of the new Nike palace on M Street was also a celebration of the relationship between the Hoyas and the shoe company.

The new Nike store on M Street -- in the old Barnes and Noble location -- is filled with nods to Washington sports.