Don't get caught up in the social media hype.

"Tailgate Ted” has helped facilitate ticket donations to Operation Warrior Wishes and other charities.

While reliable tests in living patients for the neurodegenerative disease have yet to be developed, the Redskins quarterback said he would retire if he learned he had CTE.

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The Cowboys and Ravens games just out-rated the Redskins game in D.C. Uh-oh.

Former quarterback takes First Take on a brief trip back to 2012, continuing Washington's endless loop.

The former Redskins quarterback says he'd make a good backup for Nick Foles.

The former Redskins and Browns quarterback said that he had received offers from the Cardinals and Ravens.

Quarterback also says the blowout loss to the Chargers could serve as “a wake-up call” for Washington headed into the final three games.

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When the coach says he's regressed and the fans turn to apathy, bad things might be in store.

Postgame discussion again centered on effort and preparation after another blowout loss.

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