Steve Buckhantz was more enthusiastic, but his Detroit counterparts were also baffled by Trevor Ariza's last-second miss on Wednesday.

Wizards fans celebrated along with the team's television voice after a Trevor Ariza shot that looked for all the world like a game-winner. It wasn't.

Jordan Crawford and his Steez notch a game-winning buzzer-beater in Portland, and Steve Buckhantz unleashes.

After lots of waiting, Comcast SportsNet's Wizards play-by-play man finally unleashed.

The legend of Robert Griffin III hops across the pond with a feature and graphic in the Times of London.

The Wizards might be losing, but Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier talking about Twitter is a clear victory.

More mockery from the TNT panel, as Charles Barkley expresses pity for Buck and Chenier.