ESPN 980 host baffled over response.

"The Sports Reporters" co-host gets three more years with ESPN 980.

Chris Cooley told the Redskins he wanted to earn a spot in their radio booth. They told him, in turn, he needed to host an afternoon show.

Redskins tight end spent 45 minutes in Mike Shanahan's office, and wasn't positive he had just been released.

Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin mourn the end of their 'Sports Reporters' show on ESPN 980, and talk about the future.

ESPN 980's new afternoon drive show will pair Cooley with Steve Czaban and Al Galdi.

Concerned about a lack of context and the possibility of disaster, ESPN 980 host has spent two weeks off the social networking site.

An awkward conversation about a transgender basketball player leads to complaints and internal discipline.

After Robert Griffin III fails to finish a game for the second time in his rookie campaign, Steve Czaban demands caution, now.

D.C. media members didn't like Mike Shanahan's postgame comments on Sunday. Neither did Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison.

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