Rejoice, Littles! Kornheiser is back.

Tony Kornheiser wonders if the Nats' presumed ace will ever reach his presumed potential.

Jayson Werth said a bunch of interesting things about hitting a baseball. Tony Kornheiser didn't agree with them.

Longtime local sports broadcaster man takes yet another crack at local hockey fans.

PTI talkers and former Post columnists are still flabbergasted that Ovechkin didn't appear in the shootout against the U.S.

ESPN 980 host baffled over response.

Put Tony Kornheiser with the group who suspects Maryland's conference move won't go well.

PTI hosts agree that hiring Art Briles would be a terrible thing for the Redskins.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon review the latest from Ashburn. The review is not kind.

Some fans found solace in Washington's frantic fourth-quarter rally on Sunday. Michael Wilbon finds that ludicrous.

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