A cheeseburger, a fried egg, and some basketball.

Virginia hoops gets some love on the Tonight Show.

Watch the Cavs' reserve make his teammates happy late in their round-of-32 win

Virginia's two U.S. senators both have the Cavaliers at the top of their NCAA tournament brackets.

Caps superstar goes with the local-ish Cavaliers as his champion.

The loud ESPN person tells a 20-year old story about the Virginia coach, the crooner and a stripper.

After hearing 'A-C-C' chants from past rivals all season, Maryland fans returned the favor on Sunday.

Maryland legend -- in a Len Bias jersey and Maryland state flag hat -- talks about the Terps.

This backup guard takes center stage when it comes to celebratory dances.

As time ran out on the Terps in Charlottesville, fans chanted the name of their conference.

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