• Perspective

This is a big season for the Wizards point guard, and the NBA will be watching what he does with it.

Beloved former broadcaster will become the fifth Wizards player whose jersey hangs in the Capital One Arena's rafters.

  • Perspective

The Wizards — yes, the Wizards — may finally have some buzz.

The Wizards point guard's response? 'Say no more.'

The Warriors star was the guest of honor at Seat Pleasant's first “Kevin Durant Day."

D.C.'s average fan satisfaction index ranks eighth among the 11 markets surveyed by J.D. Power.

The Redskins, Capitals and Wizards are all scheduled to play on Oct. 29. Game 5 of the World Series is also that day.

The Wizards' point guard is working hard to improve his game this summer.

They're not even Wizards fans.

The Chinatown arena will get its third name in 20 years, starting immediately.

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