Wizards big man offers a full-throated defense of Morris as a fabulous and kind teammate, who helped him move past a really big mistake.

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A decade into his NBA career, Nick Young looks back. Sort of.

Jared Dudley says Beal was “more deserving” of Kevin Love's spot in this weekend's midseason showcase.

John Wall and Klay Thompson among those who say Beal deserves to replace injured Kevin Love.

Washington has gone 17-4 while topping the century mark in 21 consecutive games.

Just make sure you have a safe.

If this wasn't the Wizards guard's best pass of the season, it's on a pretty short list.

The Wizards guard alleges gross misconduct by a Rockville company.

Never believe your press clippings. Also, never complain when the press isn't talking enough about your teams.

The Capitals and Wizards are a combined 30-7-1 in 2017.

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