Old rivalries are resurfacing as the Kurds prepare to make good on a long-deferred dream.

Once again the president shows his disdain for the values of freedom and democracy.

Let’s call domestic violence what it is: a form of low-intensity warfare against half of humankind.

The people of Hong Kong are preparing to vote for their next leader at a crucial moment in the city’s history. So why does no one seem to care?

The murky world of Tareck El Aissami.

Want to address terrorism, poverty or conflict? Start by challenging dictatorship.

The beast that ate American democracy.

Tips for federal workers who don't want to go along with every order from above.

Democratic leaders who try to concentrate power in their own hands are in for a surprise.

Evan Mawarire is back home in Harare. Is he up to challenging Robert Mugabe?

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