Trump administration to choose among president-elect's adviser and friend for James Comey-backed project. Trump once considered bidding himself.

'This is not a hypothetical conflict,' say House members, but legal experts are divided.

As Fannie Mae prepares to move downtown, its current campus will be redeveloped.

Fewer than six weeks from becoming president, Trump continues to haggle with chefs in court.

Despite questions on transportation and design, team says plans are still on track for 2018 opening.

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  • 5 days ago
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Heir to the family real estate and financial empire, Frank Saul goes out on his own.

The Constitution bars presidents from profiting off of foreign leaders. Do Trump hotel rooms count?

How about Sarah Palin as Interior Secretary? The Redskins probably couldn't hope for better.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson worked as land surveyors, but Trump is the first real estate developer to be elected.

For all Metro's woes, smart real estate is betting on it more than ever and the transit system could take advantage.

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