Metro’s X2 bus line runs from Minnesota Avenue NE east of the Anacostia River, along the hipster mecca of H Street NE, then past Union Station and Gallery Place to the White House, and along the way it carries Washingtonians of just about every walk of life.

Former D.C. mayor Anthony A. Williams, who lives along the route, often tells the story of how he rides the X2 bus, newspaper in hand, in part so that youngsters aboard can see a former mayor up close and realize he is just like them.

For other passengers, the ride is not so dreamy. The X2 is often packed full and stuck in traffic during rush hour, when the diverse mix of people riding the bus — parents shuttling their kids to school, shoppers headed to the grocery store, professionals hurrying to work — can make the X2 melting pot a more stressful experience.

Life aboard the X2 runs the gamut. A couple met on the X2 and later married. A woman went into labor aboard the bus last year. Another time, a woman allegedly assaulted the driver. In January, two men were shot while aboard.

The X2 is under a spotlight at the moment because some of its path runs along a 2.2-mile streetcar route that has been endlessly delayed and now may even be canceled. If there is no streetcar, for some riders life aboard the X2 could become more permanent. Here’s a sampling of some passengers’ X2 experiences, many of them dutifully chronicled by the blog Frozen Tropics:

Staff writer Perry Stein contributed.

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