Friday’s ridership also was lower than an average weekday.

With 470,000-plus riders, Metro suggests marchers hang out downtown and not rush the system all at once.

Some amazing crowds captured on the way to the Women's March.

Metro Transit Police made the recommendation as crews worked to break down structures from the Inauguration and clear the area for public use.

Morning ridership was the lowest in at least three presidential Inaugurations as fewer riders flocked to the system than would even on a typical weekday.

With a little prep, no one will know you're a newbie.

Service on the Green Line has been partially suspended after man started running down the tracks.

“It maybe sounds dissonant to say this, but the system is actually better today than it was a year ago," Foxx said.

The FTC said Uber exaggerated the amount drivers could earn and misled them about the benefits of its car financing options.

We figured this is a good time to gather some Metro-related tips for out-of-towners, new transplants and even locals who rarely take Metro.

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