6 P.M. Update:

VRE service on the Manassas Line has been restored. Trains 335 (scheduled to leave Union Station at 6:10 p.m.) and 337 (scheduled to leave Union Station at 6:50 p.m.) should both run on time all the way out to Broad Run.

3:10 P.M. Update:

A Virginia Railway Express train struck and killed an adult man Wednesday afternoon, cutting off service to three stations ahead of the evening rush.

Train 325 on the Manassas Line is currently stopped in Fairfax Station, between Burke Centre and Manassas Park stops, according to VRE spokesman Mark Roeber.

Fairfax County Police are on the scene investigating, but the investigation could last into the evening, Roeber said. As a result, no trains can pass through that area en route to the Manassas Park, Manassas and Broad Run stations.

Trains 327, 331 and 333 are canceled, as are trains 336 and 338. Trains 329, 335 and 337 will run. Trains running Wednesday afternoon and evening will stop at Burke Center, after which riders will be able to take buses to their stations. Buses should begin arriving at around 3:15 p.m. to take passengers from the stranded train, while additional buses are en route to Burke Center.

Police confirmed that someone was hit and killed on the tracks, but couldn’t confirm how the person got on the tracks.

The Metro option is open for VRE riders, allowing them to take Metro for free if they have a VRE ticket or pass.

Riders should call 703-684-1001 or visit VRE.org for more information.

2:40 P.M. Update:

VRE riders should prepare for a difficult commute home on Wednesday. Trains 331 and 335 are canceled. Trains 327, 329, 333 and 337 will stop in Burke before buses will take riders to their eventual destinations.

Original Post:

Virginia Railway Express train 325 is stopped between Burke Centre and Manassas Park. The rail agency posted on its Web site that there are reports saying a trespasser was struck by a train.

Manassas riders should find another route home this evening, per VRE. The Metro option, letting riders can take Metro for free with their VRE ticket or pass, has been activated.

We have reached out to a VRE spokesman and will update when we hear back.