Just this Sunday, Metro officials cut the ribbon on the newly repaired escalators at the south entrance of the Dupont Circle station. But despite Metro’s effort to ensure the system’s escalators and elevators are in working order most of the time, many riders are still frustrated to arrive at their station and find one or the other out of service.

On Wednesday, it looks like some riders took matters into their own hands. Signs mocking the ones Metro posts to alert riders to the status of the escalator/elevator repair appeared in Bethesda.

A prankster mocks Metro’s repair program

UnsuckDCMetro reports that another version was spotted at McPherson Square. Here’s CityPaper’s take on the prankster, which offers this little tidbit from Metro spokesman Dan Stessel: “Unable to say whether this type of creativity is without precedent,” Stessel wrote in an e-mail. “I kinda doubt it.”