A Montgomery County Council member has asked state transportation officials to halve the tolls on the Intercounty Connector, saying lower tolls would attract more motorists to the year-old highway. 

Council member Phil Andrews (D-Gaithersburg-Rockville) said the relatively expensive tolls are discouraging many motorists. It costs as much as $4 each way for passenger vehicles to use the 18.8-mile highway between Gaithersburg and Laurel during the morning and evening rush.

The ICC’s toll rates vary by time of day. Kelly Melhem, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Transportation Authority, which operates the ICC, said the highway is meeting
both traffic and revenue projections. The six-lane ICC was designed to carry traffic volumes projected for 2030, Melhem said in an e-mail. The toll rates are at the lowest end of the ranges approved in 2009, she said.