Metro had said it would have no weekend track work for the two holiday weekends on most of its rail lines — except for the Green Line. It was taking a break as part of its usual holiday break from upgrading the aging system, reported Dr. Gridlock.

But that seems to have changed.

There was some minor track work Sunday night, said Metro chief spokesman Dan Stessel. And he said there will be some done this coming Sunday as well.

“We said the two weekends would be free of most track work,” Stessel said. “Our apologies for any confusion.”

He said yesterday’s work and Sunday’s work are part of the system’s regularly scheduled track work that is usually done at night during the work week.

“It just started early on Sunday night,” he said, because of the Christmas holiday. The same thing will happen next weekend with New Year’s. “It is the same stuff that happens on a Monday night just happened on a Sunday night as well. That was because of the holiday so they plugged in an extra day on Sunday.”

For the coming weekend, Stessel said, on Monday there will be “no major track work,” but crews will start work at 8 p.m. on Sunday on the Red line to do maintenance work. That work will include such things as replacing third rail insulators. It will cause delays of between five and 10 minutes, he said.

Blogger FixWMATA first pointed out Sunday night’s work, noting there were reports of disruption on some lines.

Plan accordingly and check out the details of weekend track work for the Red and Blue lines.