The dedicated bike lanes on L Street NW created some confusion for drivers after opening late last year. But as drivers adjust to the new configuration, bicycle riders are dealing with a related headache: vehicles parked in the lanes. 

Which brings us to a new blog on Tumblr called Who’s Blocking the L St. Bike Lane Today? The blog is exactly what it sounds like. Jay Corbalis, who commutes to work using the lanes, posts photos of mail trucks, garbage trucks and other vehicles parked in the lanes:

(Photo via

(Photo via

Corbalis, who bikes from Bloomingdale to his office near Farragut Square, started the Tumblr blog on Monday. Photos come from him as well as from tipsters.

He said that while he sympathizes with delivery drivers who have few places to pull over, people still shouldn’t be parking in the lanes.

“I’m not looking to necessarily get anyone in trouble or shame anyone, but just to document that this is something that’s occurring,” he said.