This photo was taken last week. Just kidding, it’s from the 2010 No Pants Metro Ride. (Dayna Smith/For The Washington Post)

Metro riders who firmly believe in the importance of wearing pants while using public transit should think about avoiding the rail system on Sunday afternoon.

The No Pants Subway Ride, a global event that takes a brave stand against the tyranny of clothing worn below the waist, will take place in cities around the world. This is the 12th annual pants-free ride, according to Improv Everywhere, the group that started the event in New York in 2002. 

The D.C. group is meeting near the L’Enfant Metro station at 2 p.m. and plans to travel between L’Enfant, Gallery Place-Chinatown and Metro Center. (Consider this a word of warning for anyone who doesn’t want to encounter pants-less crowds, like, say, people who may be traveling with small, pro-pants children.) 

The group’s page stresses that participants should oblige if any “person of authority” (meaning police, Metro employees or others) asks them to put their pants back on. It also notes that nobody should wear “anything more revealing than “PG-13.” Check Capitol Improv’s page for additional rules and more information.

And here’s some good news for people who will be showing some skin on Sunday: The Capital Weather Gang forecast calls for highs in the 60s.

The Going Out Guide has photos from the event in 2010. Between this and D.C.’s new claim to fame as a place where a lot of people allegedly watch a lot of porn, it’s been a pretty good week for Washington’s public image. 

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