(Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Just in time for inauguration, Uber, the app-centric car service, has rolled out a feature that lets users request a D.C. taxicab through its app.

In a blog post announcing the UberTAXI feature, Uber emphasized that it is “still an experiment” and added a few caveats. The service will initially only be available for trips that begin in the District. And supply will be limited at first because many cabs “don’t fit Uber standards,” the announcement warns. 

Users who want to hail a cab just have to select the taxi option. As with other Uber rides, charges go directly to your credit card and a 20 percent gratuity will be automatically added. The cost will also include the $2 dispatch fee and any other routine surcharges. 

This new feature comes more than a month after the D.C. Council unanimously approved legislation that let Uber operate in the District. This, in turn, followed months of uncertainty over Uber’s status in D.C., which included Uber accusing the D.C. Council of trying to “prevent Uber from being a viable alternative to taxis.”