By 3:30 p.m., the most serious Metro problems had been resolved.

After the swearing in, long lines had formed at several downtown Metro stations and platforms were packed as Metro dealt with a disabled train between the Foggy Bottom and Rosslyn.

L’Enfant Plaza, Federal Center SW and Foggy Bottom all experienced significant delays and crowding.

A huge crowd amassed at the L’Enfant’s 7th and C entrance, the station jammed by non-moving escalators and lingering delays from a track problem at Foggy bottom, The Post’s Emma Brown reports.

“This is crazy,” said one frustrated woman who turned on her heel and walked away.

Carol Glenn sat off to the side of the rush in a patch of grass, brainstorming her next move.

“I’m stuck,” said the Brit, who
stopped in DC for inauguration en route to a holiday in Jamaica.

Glenn’s phone was dead and she had lost her friend. All she knew was they had parked at West Falls Church this morning, and she’d make her way back there as soon as the metro cleared up.

She said traveling had become a little nightmarish as crowds converged after the ceremony.

“It’s been a good day otherwise, but just ended on a bit of a sour note,” Glenn said.

At the Foggy Bottom station, a line is stretched down 23rd Street NW as hundreds of people wait to enter the station, The Post’s Alex Rudansky reports.

“We feel like cattle,” said Lindsay Carless, a senior at Oakland University in Michigan. “This is overwhelming.”

Carless and her group of seven friends tried two other Metro stops before Foggy Bottom — Metro Center and Federal Triangle.

“This was our last option,” Carless said.

Michelle Chandler of San Antonio, Tex., didn’t have a bad commute into the city this morning, but said she couldn’t believe the situation this afternoon.

“I hate people,” she said waiting on line down the block from the Foggy Bottom Metro. “I was expecting some hold up, but not like this.”