(Gerald Martineau/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Metro’s $26 billion strategic plan outlines a variety of fixes, improvements and changes that could fundamentally alter the transit system.

Some of these changes would alter the current riding experience, like a suggested shift to all eight-car trains. But some of these tweaks could go even further, significantly transforming the system’s makeup and impacting local businesses and real estate across the region.

Potentially extending Metrorail would be such a change. Metro’s plan, noting the growth in the suburbs around Washington, discusses stretching service into outer suburbs to accommodate the population in these areas.

Now, this doesn’t mean that new stations are in the offing. The Metro plan does discuss additional Metrorail service as one possible extension of the system, which would mean new stations and additional rail lines. But it says that these extensions could also come in the form of light rail or even bus rapid transit. (Also, the plan itself hasn’t been approved by Metro’s board and funding remains an issue.)

But the prospect of new rail stations and lines is intriguing. In its report, Metro offers three examples of potential extensions: Adding to both sides of the Orange Line (stretching to Bowie and Crain Highway in Maryland as well as from Vienna to Centreville in Virginia) and continuing the southern end of the Blue Line in Virginia (extending that from Franconia-Springfield to Prince William County).

So this begs the question: If you were in charge and could extend Metro, where would you send it? What Metrorail extensions would you want to see? Would you want a train that goes from Greenbelt to BWI Airport and Baltimore? Perhaps you want the Green Line to pivot over to Upper Marlboro or even National Harbor? Or maybe you just want a Red Line train connecting Glenmont and Shady Grove?

Share your dream Metrorail extension below. What do you want and why? And if you think potential extensions should come in the form of light rail, bus rapid transit service or something else, let us know.