There are plenty of words Metro riders might use to describe the system, but “romantic” probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Still, there is romance to be found — maybe not at the various Metro stations, but in the immediate vicinity.

In today’s Weekend section, Maura Judkis introduces us to Kristen and Andrew, a couple on a quest to go on dates near each of Metro’s 86 stops. (Learn more about them here.)

Inspired by the concept, Judkis and Hilary Fung put together this wonderful graphic, which is essentially a guide to D.C. dating that focuses on the Metrorail system. (Some stations are not included, most of them stops near the ends of the lines or stations that lack romantic fun within walking distance.)

This map comes just in time for Valentine’s Day, which is helpful for those of us who maybe forgot to make reservations or come up with plans (could be anyone, could be any person writing this post right now).

Click on a station and you can see date recommendations that include restaurants (like Vermillion, right down the street from the King Street station), venues (such as the Arena Stage, not far from Waterfront) or a variety of other date ideas (ranging from classics like the National Zoo, snugly between Cleveland Park and Woodley Park, to unusual dates like Congressional Cemetery, not far from Potomac Avenue).

If you have ideas, share them on Twitter with the hashtag #metrodates or in the comments here. Feedback is encouraged, because the map is going to be updated with additional date ideas, so recommendations could be incorporated into the map.