Transportation Security Administration security agents check a traveler’s luggage. (Andrew Burton – Reuters)

It’s spring break — those carefree few days of college-age frollicking that yield memories you may carry with you for the rest of your life.

Your TSA — yes, the Transportation Security Administration — wants you to have a good time!

Much like Letterman, they’ve come up with a top-10 list that will help whisk you through those fun airport security checkpoints.

Some are the same-old, same-old that you already know. No bottled liquid more than 3.4 ounces, and they must be in one of mom’s quart-sized plastic bags. Even if you’re prone to wicked sunburns, pack the big bottle of suntan lotion in a checked bag.

There are, however, several things on the list, sent out in a news release, that might not occur to you.

For example, the TSA cautions that a key lime pie “could be subject to some additional screening.”

What can you bring home, why just download the MyTSA app onto your iPhone or Android. This free app has a handy function called “Can I bring my ______?” Before you buy a bag of coconuts, the app tells you whether you can bring the item in your carry-on baggage, checked baggage, either or neither.

If knitting has suddenly become a fashionable passion at your school, you can bring your needles on board the plane to keep those mittens going.

While pocket knives soon will be okay, don’t pick up one of those mini-baseball bats if spring break takes you through spring training camp. After April 25, mini bats will be okay to carry on, but not before.

And if you decide that grandpa or Aunt Minnie might be wild enough to relish a return to spring break, tell them they can keep their shoes and jackets on at security.

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