Have you ever looked at Metro’s map and wondered what it would look like in the game Super Mario Bros. 3? Of course you have, it’s something everyone thinks every time they look at Metro’s map, because Super Mario Bros. 3 is a great game.

Well, wonder no more. Dave Delisle took the time to create a Mario-fied version of the Metro map for his site, Dave’s Geeky Ideas.

The map even includes the first phase of the Silver Line, which is expected to open later this year. Check it out:

(Image via Dave Delisle)

If you like it and want to buy a poster, head here. You can also check out a version that includes the second phase of the Silver Line.

This isn’t the first such transit map for Dave. He also created a “MARIOBART” poster that fused the Bay Area Rapid Transit’s map with Mario Kart. If you’re into transit, video games and/or delightful things, check it out.

(Hat tip to DCist, which first noticed this.)