(Ricky Carioti – The Washington Post)

Amtrak announced on Tuesday that it had the highest single-month ridership in the rail agency’s history in March, with more than 2.8 million trips taken that month.

Ridership also inched up during the first half of Amtrak’s fiscal year, which begins in October. Amtrak reports that there were 15,092,044 trips taken from October through March, a shade more than the 14,951,436 rides booked during the same period a year earlier.

This overall increase is noteworthy, given the severe weather that caused cancellations across the Northeast during that timeframe. Hurricane Sandy led to numerous cancellations in October, while a blizzard in February halted service between New York and Boston.

Ridership on the Northeast Corridor was down 1.2 percent during the October-March window, which officials attribute to Hurricane Sandy. There were 5,482,637 trips taken on the Northeast Corridor during that six-month period, down from 5,546,997 a year earlier. But 26 of Amtrak’s 45 routes saw an increase in travelers, contributing to the overall slight uptick in trips taken.

Amtrak also set a record during the Thanksgiving travel window, with more than 737,000 travelers riding trains during that holiday period.