(Robert Thomson/The Washington Post)

If any Washington Capitals playoff games run late, hockey fans will be able to take Metro home.

The transit agency announced Tuesday that trains, which would normally stop running at midnight, will run for an additional hour if any Capitals home game is still going at 11 p.m.

The Capitals start the playoffs at home against the New York Rangers on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. (Fans recall that last May, a Caps/Rangers game required three overtimes.) If the extra hour is needed that night or throughout the playoffs, an announcement will be made in the Verizon Center.

Anyone riding Metro during the extra hour of service has to enter at one of three stations: Gallery Place (all entrances), Judiciary Square (just the F Street entrance across the street from the National Building Museum) or Metro Center (only the entrance at 11th and G streets NW).

Riders will be able to leave any station during the extra service, but they will not be able to enter any other station.

As occurs with such events, the Verizon Center put down the $29,500 deposit needed for the additional hour of service. Metro, in turn, figures out how many riders boarded trains during the extra service and refunds some of that deposit.