Taxicabs roaming the District’s streets could eventually replace the current range of colors with red. Lots and lots of red.

A new color scheme proposed by the D.C. Taxicab Commission would give the city’s 7,000 cabs a red paint job and a gray stripe, akin to the city’s Circulator buses and looming streetcars. (Well, eventually. As my colleague Tim Craig reports here, there’s still a 30-day period for public input, a public hearing May 29 and a final vote coming as early as mid-June. And even after that, it could take years for the cabs to switch to the new color. Head here for more.)

The designs were released by the taxi commission Wednesday, and you can see some of them here:

If you don’t like the red, remember that it could be worse. The District displayed four potential cab color schemes last December and January, and the proposed looks garnered …  mixed reviews, let’s say.