The Metro map is ubiquitous in the Washington area, appearing on rail cars, station walls and marketing materials. It’s also about to become obsolete.

The Silver Line, scheduled to open later this year, will eventually extend from Dulles International Airport to Largo Town Center. For commuters, this means having to figure out the impact on their travel habits (the Silver Line will reduce Orange Line service and really reduce Blue Line service, for instance). But it also means figuring out how to rework the Metro map to include a new rail line traveling through downtown D.C.

Lance Wyman, who originally designed the Metro map, is updating it to incorporate the Silver Line. Metro had released an updated map and asked for feedback, and travelers responded by asking for tweaks to the map’s rail lines and station dots.

Metro has now posted two map options — the one that riders already commented on and one that includes the changes requested by riders. You can see the two maps side by side here.

The differences between them are very cosmetic (we’re talking about minor changes to a map, so of course the differences are cosmetic), but they are noticeable. On the newer map, stations that are serviced by the Orange, Blue and Silver lines would be marked by a Tylenol-shaped capsule, rather than the double circle dots currently used to denote transfer stations. The rail lines on both maps also have differing thickness (again: cosmetic, we know).

So what do you think of the two maps? You can participate in Metro’s survey here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.