(Jabin Botsford for The Washington Post)

Riders traveling through the McPherson Square station have encountered an unusual headache this week: faregates that refused to accept their money.

The faregates at the Vermont Avenue entrance were down for Tuesday’s commute home, and riders were waved through without scanning their cards. This continued on and off through Thursday afternoon, as commuters reported encountering this problem for nearly two days.

The gates had recurring technical issues beginning Tuesday due to a software issue, according to Metro spokeswoman Morgan Dye. Metro’s technicians were looking into the issue, she said. Dye also said the faregates were working again by Thursday afternoon’s rush hour.

“Things are running smoothly right now,” Dye said Thursday afternoon. However, at least some of the faregates were still not working shortly after 6 p.m., forcing riders to enter the system without swiping.

Two days without functional faregates slowed many Metro riders. Thousands of commuters enter or exit the station each day, and filing through the metal gate next to the station manager booth or going to the manager to ask what to do only lengthens the trip.