A train hit a fence at the Fort Totten station on the Red Line Thursday morning.

It didn’t cause major delays for riders, and the train was not damaged.

Metro officials said the chain link fence was on the platform because crews are working to rebuild that platform. The train “made contact” with the fence, according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel.

How the fence got too close to the train track is a bit unclear. Stessel said he did not know if the fence fell or was purposefully put in the way of the train.

The train was stopped and inspected for 30 minutes. No damage was found, Stessel said, but as “an abundance of caution,” it was taken out of service. Riders were allowed to get off the train at Fort Totten.

Two other trains behind it were delayed for “less than 30 minutes,” according to Stessel.

The incident comes as Metro has had several recent issues this week with delays.

On Monday, all five of its rail lines had incidents.