Transportation Security Administration agents examine a traveler’s luggage. (Andrew Burton/Reuters)

The Transportation Security Administration has reversed course and decided that maybe travelers don’t need small knives on planes after all.

The idea was first announced in March and was originally scheduled to go into effect April 25. TSA Administrator John Pistole initially stood by the proposal in the face of criticism from aviation workers, airlines, flight attendants and lawmakers. But days before the policy change would have kicked in, the TSA temporarily delayed it.

Now they’ve scrapped it entirely. As The Washington Post’s Al Kamen reports, the decision on Wednesday to stick with the current policies came hours before the House was going to vote against the change.

The change would have let riders bring a bevy of banned items onto planes, including novelty or toy bats, ski poles, hockey sticks and up to two golf clubs. Now, ski poles and lacrosse sticks will stay banned, just like full-sized baseball bats and razor blades.