Fans heading for the Justin Bieber show Saturday night at Verizon Center should check service adjustments on the Red Line. (Francois Mori/AP)

The work planned for the Green Line this weekend has been cancelled and will be rescheduled, the transit authority announced. The other work that will affect service on the Red, Orange and Blue lines starts at 10 p.m. Friday. See previous posting.

Originally, crews were scheduled to work outside the Greenbelt station on the new test track for the 7000 series rail cars. Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said the transit authority still needs to work out right-of-way access with CSX.

Stessel also noted that this weekend’s work on the Red Line might affect travel to a couple of shows at Verizon CenterLil Wayne on Friday night and Justin Bieber on Saturday night. Riders on the east side of the Red Line might be better off using the Judiciary Square station rather than Gallery Place. Though Gallery Place is just under Verizon Center, there will be more service at Judiciary Square, and it’s just a couple of blocks to the east along F Street NW.

The work zone where trains will be sharing a track is to the west in downtown D.C. Between Judiciary Square and Farragut North, trains are scheduled to operate every 20 minutes throughout the weekend.

After the concert, there will be some extra Red Line trains in service, but because of the single-tracking zone, they will have to originate at Judiciary Square for travel toward Glenmont. Metro plans to have eight-car trains on the Red Line to handle the crowds. (Wherever you are on the Red Line this weekend, watch the destination signs on the trains. Some trains won’t go as far as you want to go.)

Other transit tips

Transferring. Another way to reach stations on the east side of the Red Line is to take the Green Line from Gallery Place to Fort Totten, then transfer.

If you’re traveling from the west side of the Red Line this weekend and you want to transfer to the Orange or Blue lines — maybe because you’re heading to Stadium-Armory station to see D.C. United at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, then waiting to transfer at Metro Center will slow you down.That’s because of the single-tracking work zone starting at Farragut North.

SmarTrip card holders could walk from Farragut North to Farragut West station, where they could board the Blue or Orange lines. With the SmarTrip card, the transfer is free.

Stadium-Armory crowding. On other weekends when work zones have affected service at Stadium-Armory, soccer fans have complained about post-game crowding at the station. This weekend, both Blue and Orange Line trains are scheduled to operate every 15 minutes, rather than their usual weekend service of every 12 minutes.

If you’re heading back to Virginia after the game and the platform is crowded, get on the first train — whether it’s Orange or Blue — and transfer at Rosslyn. The trains are likely to be much less crowded by the time they reach Rosslyn. Just remember to transfer.

Last Orange Line train. Soccer fans and anyone else on the east side of the Orange and Blue lines this weekend need to be aware of a work zone that requires buses to replace trains. On the Orange Line, the bus bridge is between Stadium-Armory and Cheverly.

To make connections between the open segments of the Orange Line, the last train of the night is scheduled to leave New Carrollton 50 minutes earlier than normal this weekend. So for Friday and Saturday night service, it will leave at 1:46 a.m., and on Sunday night, it will leave at 10:46.

Last Blue Line train. Because the Blue Line work requires a shuttle bus bridge between Stadium-Armory and Benning Road, the last train of the night will leave Largo Town Center 21 minutes earlier than normal this weekend. So for Friday and Saturday night service, it will leave at 2:03 a.m., and on Sunday night, it will leave at 11:03.